wRIGHT LAW ILP Mission Statement

We are a Legal Co-op that delivers a Cooperative Advantage through the implementation of sustainable business practices and cooperation and collaboration with our clients and other stakeholders resulting in superior shared value creation.

We believe that:

​success is dependent on collaboration across the value chain, networks and partnerships and the ability to innovate in an environment of high levels of ambiguity and change;

through cooperation and collaboration, we are able to address the challenges of sustainability

Vision and Values

Our vision is to be the Legal Services Co-op that sets the standards in collaborative and sustainable business practices.

In order to deliver that promise, we have drawn inspiration from Scandinavian business ethics and subscribe to the following values and aims:

to adopt a holistic, humanistic and value based approach with multiple stakeholder focus;

to be a non-bureaucratic organisation focused on providing an empowering and enabling environment which stimulates creativity, innovation and collaboration;

access to justice;

trust, care and concern as key values.

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards legislation. Employed legal practitioners and directors of wRIGHT LAW ILP - ABN 42 614 633 699 are members of that scheme.
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