For more than 30 years, wRIGHT LAW ILP have been a leading legal entity representing the interests of more than 200 individual and co-operative Service Station owners.

A unique sector, Service Stations require specialist legal advice – often beyond the scope of standard legal commercial transactions and activities.


  1. Service Station purchase:  Managing all provisions, documentation and transactions related to purchase and sale.
  2. Service Station freehold: Managing all provisions, documentation and transactions related to (Freehold) purchase and sale.
  3. Advice of Structure of Purpose: Pertinent advice and development of relevant ‘Structure of Purpose’ documentation.
  4. Existing use Rights: Ensuring all rights are identified and applied to the full extent.
  5. Re-opening closed Service Station:  Identifying all requirements and documentation necessary for legal re-engagement of services.
  6. Remediation of land follow contamination: All legal aspects related to post contamination remediation.
  7. Rent abatement following interruption to business: Advice on legal rights on rent abatement in regard to specific business (commercial) interruptions.
  8. Service Station leasing: Advice on and creation of relevant binding lease documents.
  9. Environmental matters: Specific advice and activity management of environmental issues related to Service Stations and their products.
  10. Environmental Protection Authority and compliance: Advice on ensuring full (on-going) compliance with EPA requirements and regulations.
  11. VR1 and VR2 upgrades to Service Stations: Legal needs, activities and requirements related specifically to VR1 and VR2 upgrades.
  12. Leasing – new, renewals, variations, option to purchase: Legal management, counsel and document preparation on any and all leasing variations.
  13. Option agreements: Legal advice and document preparation related to all elements of Option Agreements.
  14. Supply and Commission Agency Agreements: Advice and document preparation on all related agreements.

Regardless of your industry involvement, wRIGHT LAW ILP can provide professional, objective and unbiased advice to ensure your activities meet all legal requirements.

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards legislation. Employed legal practitioners and directors of wRIGHT LAW ILP - ABN 42 614 633 699 are members of that scheme.
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